Day 51: Brattleboro, VT to Manchester, NH

Crew’s Log…

Cycling Date: 27-July-09

Mileage: 84 miles

Weather: Mostly sunny and warm. Made it up into the upper 80s. Very humid. Seems summer is finally making it to New England.

Highlights of the day:

– Crossed our 12th (and final) border into our 13th (and final) state. New Hampshire. Sigh…

– The feature of this day? Hills. Some of the steepest grades we’ve hit to date. Depending on whose cycle computer you believe, Sullivan Road bumped up to 15-18%. It’s enough to make just about any cyclist sit up and take notice but with the miles these riders have on their legs – not insurmountable.

– Another feature – small towns with lots of little white buildings and churches. We’re definitely in ye olde New England.

– Our second SAG stop had a nice surprise as two alumni (one from the ’07 Challenge and one from ’08 North) provided the riders with “real” food! Homemade chicken, pasta, and fruit salads. Yum!!

– One amazing storm front blew through seconds after the last riders entered the hotel. Lighting strikes and the skies opened up just as the door closed. Deep sigh of relief from them and the staff! All safe and accounted for.

– We had our last official tour dinner. A great barbeque dinner was followed by an opportunity for everyone to talk about their tour experience. Lots of warm thoughts, hugs, and tears were shared.






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