Day 49: Little Falls to Latham, NY

Crew’s Log…

Cycling Date: 25-July-09

Mileage: 76 miles

Weather: Sunny & beautiful!!! Breezy with winds out of the east. Highs in the upper 70s.

Highlights of the day:

– The weather. Lots of smiles. See above for details. I don’t think anyone will miss cleaning the bikes of grit & debris at the motel tonight. Might have more opportunities tomorrow but for now…

– The route. Rolling hills along the Erie Canal. Not quite to the Adirondacks but bumps to our left & right that seem to indicate that we’re getting closer to the eastern mountains.

– The Erie Canal. Today we were able to visit working locks & watch boats passing through along the canal. OK, so it doesn’t read as very exciting but it’s really quite interesting.

– Jumpin’ Jacks Drive In. The food stop du jour was an old fashioned drive-in that has great burgers, clam rolls (we’re getting closer-ish to the Atlantic), fries, and all kinds of ice cream based drinks. Another highlight on our health food trail.

– Bike path. A beautiful quiet bike path along the Erie Canal for the better part of the last half of the ride. Tree lined. Views of the canal. More locks. Nice.




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